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While I can't cook with a gun pointing to my head, I have great confidence in my baking skills. Since it is Christmas I decided to make two red velvet cakes for the family (along side with apple pie). I honestly like they came out. They aren't something you would sell at a bakery, but you can see I put some effort into it.

Just had to post this...



I know Ihavent't posted anything in most and a lot of people would probably say that I am dead, but I just had to post something about Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of the year !(besides my birthday) XD There was something in me that just had to show my love for it.


I know the one or two persons reading this are probably thinking "Why is this woman posting this so late!! Christams is almost over!"
Unfornately, Christmas is ove in many places around the world and very close to ending in others. 

Why am I so laate.



Things to Remember in life #1

If you are leaving your house unattened for a couple of days, never turn your AC or fans off. When you come back, it will be so hot in your house that outside seems cooler..And its SUMMER!

Unfortunately, me and my auntie had to learn this the hard way. We turn the AC off right before we left for our trip to houston. We were gone for only three days, but when we got back the house was freakin HOT! It was 97 DEGREES in our house and I'm not kidding.

I wanted to sleep in the car it was so hot. At least the car has cool air blowing right in front of you.

On a side note: I promise that I would update all my stories way back in July, but things happened. My labtop kept acting funny on me til the point I could even get on the internet. Lucky that got fix.

I do plan to finish them, it just might have to get push back further. X(


Jul. 9th, 2010

Happy Late Birthday to me.

Happy I was so busy these past days that I forgot my own birthday to me! X(

Seems like a lie, but really that was what truly happened. I wake up one morning and the next thing I know I got Fifthy million (not really) text messages from people wishing me happy birthday.I was so shocked that I had to run to my calendar to check the date!

I really am an idiot

Also, I would like to thank

for sending me a Happy Birthday message. I really apprechiate it. :)


Time to get Serious

Crush, Never Ending, Porta, and Ghostly Encounter!

Four stories of mine that I haven't updated in YEARS (not really). To tell that truth I forgotten half of the stuff that has happened in 2 in them, one of them I'm currently writing the next chapter for, and the other I'm just to lazy to finish ( and it only has ONE more chapter to go).

I keep telling myself I am going to finish them but since summer vacation started, it's getting hard to.  When you have two and a half monhs off from school it is really tough not laying down and being lazy all day.

So the point I am trying to say is:

I am going to force myself to re-read every story I need to finish, because I really do not want to be like those people who start something but then lose interest and don't finish them.

I plan to resume everything next month in July -even if just a little- so I can let my readers (if they still care about my stories) that I am still writing!!

P.S. To all of my friends who birthdays have just passed, I am sorry for not wishing you a happy birthday. I usually try to wish everyone a happy B-Day (even get them a virtual gift), but I have been serious absent from LJ for awhile.  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mother's Day is finally over.

Mother's Day is finally coming to a end and you all don't know how happy I am that it is.

I have spent about & 53.00 (not exact amount) on shower gels and lotion for my mom and auntie and I have to say, that is the highest I ever spent for Mother's Day I'm so use to buying just cards , so I feel a little said at the lost of money but proud I had something special to give.


4 More Weeks~ Summer!

Four more weeks and then summer vacation.  The perfect time for me to continue all my stories that has been on haitus for a couple of months.

It is also  the summer where I might finally start looking for a job. I admit, I am a little nervous about that. I am pretty use to just getting money from my family when I need it. XD


New Laptop!!

These past days have been very shitty and sad for me, but all of that has now change now! You see, I finally got something I have been wanting for a long time now but was denied of it many of times. BUT i FINALLY GOT IT!  All it took was my old laptop to die on me (though I would calm that it has been messing up on me for awhile now).

What did I get...

A bring new LAPTOP!

It was faiarly cheap too. The laptop itself is from a company not very well known...well at least I didn't know them.


April Fools

Easter is closely coming -more candy to get sick from- but right now I can only care about the day after today

April Fool's Days

which is also April the 1st.

I promise myself that I won't get pranked this year by ignoring people and whatever they say (unless they have some kind of truth in thier words).



Do all funerals feel like Mass at church every Sunday?

That was exactly what I was thinking while I at my auntie funeral yesterday. I met family members I haven't scene since I was probably five ,and some I haven't scene at all before. The funeral itself only last about two hours (not counting the thirty minutes I spent walking around greeting my family) , but the whole time I was thinking about Mass.

This was my first time attending a funeral because it's hard looking at someone close to you in a coffin not moving; I'm a crybaby so I would be crying like the few people I saw and heard yesterday.

Anyways, the minute the man said 'Amen' and we all bowed our heads I felt like I was in church. At the thought, I could not help but giggly for a second.

I hope no one thought I was being rude. I REALLY WASN'T! I just never thought a funeral would be like that.


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